I am working as a Senior Analyst, Marketing Sciences at Tandem Theory. We provide our clients with insights and analytics with a focus on marketing and CRM. In addition to recurring reporting, I provide a fair amount of ad hoc analysis as business questions and needs arise. I have provided customer insights from survey results, analyzed the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, analyzed the effect of pricing changes on guest frequency, helped determine which centers have the most receptive audience for new products, among many other projects.

The guest's experience is always at the heart of any analysis I provide. I try to leverage my passion for data visualization and storyelling with data to highlight areas of opportunity in an approachable, practical way. Data visualization is all about telling the story without asking your audience to think too much. It's my job to make the presentation easy to read and get audience to the "so what?"

I completed my Bachelor of Business in marketing with a minor in information systems at the University of Toledo. I will complete my Master of Science, Business Analytics at Kent State University in May of 2022.